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First Beach Fish


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Hi Raiders,

Thought I’d just let you all know what a great day I had with my first experience of beach fishing. Thanks to my wife Nicky who organized the day, 3 of us (Nick, myself & brother Steve) had a great afternoon being introduced to beach worming & fishing with the freshest possible bait .We started out beach worming at Narrabeen for almost 2 hours & although the 3 of us could only manage 2 of the slippery little suckers between us Al had made sure we had enough of an idea that when we next venture out we should do a bit better. He also made sure we had enough worms for the afternoon session at Long Reef hunting down some whiting. Once we hit the sand at Long Reef Al rigged us up & gave us some tips on what we should be looking for when fishing a beach. And it only took a couple of minutes with a bait in the surf & Steve was onto a nice 30cm whiting. A great start. Then Nicky was on & another keeper was in the bag & while that one was being unhooked I was onto a 32cm version all of my own. What a start, 3 keepers all over 30cm in the first 15 minutes. The tide was rising & Al was sure there were more of these tasty little buggers out there to be had. We continued to catch fish for the couple of hours till sunset with the tally reaching 4 keeper whiting, 2 dart, 2 sting rays, & a lot of very small flathead. With the sun now a dim glow on the horizon we were all pretty tired but we all had big smiles being really pleased with our first efforts with beach fishing. This sure won’t be my last afternoon soaking a bait as the surf rolls in I can assure you of that. A big thanks again to my wife Nicky for arranging the day & also Al Bellissimo for making learning something new such a great experience. By the way Nicky caught the biggest fish of the day & the most fish as well.

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