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Video : Stumpys Bonito


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WELL DONE STUMPY ... that wouldn't be you getting cranky??? I was very impressed with your multi tasking skills. Nice Bonito.

Well done Flightmanager with the video. Wonder where you were on the Hawkesbury - the water looked so smooth.

Cheers Marg

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mmmmmmmmmmmm, love the music Ross!

Did you notice the lack of co-operation between the 2 Girls?

"Girls , get the burley bucket up" :biggrin2:

"Girls" :wacko:

"Its her turn" :1prop:

"No , ive got the net" :mad3:


" Whoops, now the fish has the burley bucket" :thumbdown:

"Great, give me the flamin net" :wacko:

Ross, next time the girls are on your boat, i'll take Brett ............. and your CD. :biggrin2:

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