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Smithtown 13-05-07

Dan A

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Met up with Sean@Crescent this morning 7am for a fish up the Maclaey and Belmont(I think)

Had a few follows from under some boats on hardbodys but nothing hooked up.

We paddled further and came to nice eddy the water was swirling and the depth went from about 4 meters to 11 metres, looks like a good Jewie hole, unfortunately I didn't have anything that could get down to the bottom, although the sounder was showing fish.

Had a few casts in the swirl for nothing then a cast right on the edge and wham! the 6lb line took off screaming pulling me and the kayak toward the shorline, after a short tussle a nice bass came to the surface, approx 35 to the fork.


Had a few more casts and then we moved on, got another couple bream further up and a few lost.


Good day and nice spot.



NB: Photos Taken By Sean Larkan :D

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