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Squidding Again


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hi guys,

ventured out last night with a mate to go squidding. 2nd cast we get a follow by a healthy sized southern calamari then about 1 million squid pass by with no intent of eating. we threw every sized and colured jig we had, we tried glow sticks, egimax, glomax everything bar the kitchen sink we threw at them for a big fat donut.

Disheartened i went out again tonite to try another spot ive heard people do well for squid but not even so much as a follow.

oh well looks like the fish shop will be supplying the squid for dinner tomorrow night. Maybe do better on the weekend, I HOPE

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Hey fellas, Once a while back down in S.A. i put a jig under a bobby float n just let it sit out the back n it worked a treat til some dolphins turned up n smashed em in to hiding. Just a thought that might help you get more coverage when things a bit quite.


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Damn these squid!!!! one dat they love you the next they can't wait to get away!!!! Its so frustrating. Im in a rut with the last few times ive gone out i haven't raised a single one but i got some of the wattos secret weapon so im hoping that will turn the tide for next time i go out!!!! It better otherwise im jumping in after the buggers!!!!!! :tease:

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You know, the only thing I see when I go squidding is my lure.

If I said to Mrs Stumpy that I was going out for squid and prepare the salad for dinner, she'd order pizza and she and the kids would all eat before I got back.

I've read your posts and to hear of a bad night out, would be like most nights out for me.


If you have tears in your eyes, stop carrying on and

INVITE ME OUT WITH YOU :mad3::mad3::mad3:



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ill have to try the float idea. they looked like southerns, they would come right up to our feet and just swim around not interested in jigs at all then just f off like they were scared of somthing but there was nothing but our jigs around.

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