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Lake Lyell Mothers Day

Steve Mc

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G'day all.

Had a great mothers day recently with a lovely bag of rainbows taken from lake Lyell.

4 fish were taken on power bait and 1 on worms.

As you can see by the photos, conditions were unbelievable for Lithgow.

3 were BBQ'd and 2 smoked in my new smoker.



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Thats awesome steve the smiles are nearly as big as the fish. Feels good when you take the kids n they come away happy hey. Most times i take my young fella (5) he gets back in the car n says i dont want to go fishin anymore. I love Lyell I used to fish right up the back mmm?? it has been a while since we can do that. So what are the edges like soft or ok. How did you fish the power bait, hook size. I increased my catch x10 once i learned THE SECRET.

Great report mate.


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Nice rainbows and a great way to spend mothers day.

Mate you've done well.

About 30 years ago my parents put 75 rainbow fingerlings in our backyard swimming pool.

It was a huge pool and stayed cold most of the year. We feed them pellets and they were like pirhanas when we threw the pellets in. The water would boil with fish.

Eventually it was time to fish them out straight onto the BBQ. We had fishing BBQ's it was awesome.

Of the 75 we put in we pulled out 72.

Mate the s%$#t they left behind in the pool was amazing. We shoveled it straight onto the gardens and they boomed.

All the best.

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Waynie, I love it when the family all catch fish because it increases the chance of going again in the near future :thumbup: . Powerbait was fished on the bottom with a size 8 hook. The edges where we fished from were reasonably solid.

Zenman, there is a good chance that I will put some sort of fish in my pool one day when the kids grow up.

Wastin Time/Domza, water levels are still very low and I don't expect any change to the boating policy for a while. I am going up in the not too distant future with a mate with our kayaks. We should have the whole lake to ourselves.


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Nice catch.. we used to cath a few in the Coxs River down stream from the lake.

Now that the levels are low, there is less water for the fish mix up in..

Any yabbies in there?



There must be plenty because that is all the trout had in them.

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Nice fish! I am particularly interested in your success because I am just about to move up to Oberon, and the levels of the Cox's River have had me concerned, but I guess that I will just have to look at other spots on the area.

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