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Johnson 9.9 With Electrial Socket?


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G'day raiders I have just been given a mid 90's jonno 9.9 which has an electrical socket built in to the body.

Does anyone know if they came out of the factory with this feature and could it be used to charge a battery?

Someone told me that yachties use this feature to run nav lights, any info would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance, Rod.

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Good Morning Rod, a excellent engine you were given. These little engines just go and go. I guess you are discribing the lighting coil outlet which is used to run nav lights etc as you were told. If you have a rectifier fitted, whihc transfer the current from AC to DC, you will be able to charge a battery also. Where the yellow wires come from the stator under the flywheel see if they connect to a small round part which is your recitifer, if so you are right to go. If you do not have a rectifier and everything is operational to add one you would be looking at approx $120 installed.

If you have any questions please ask,

Hope this helps,


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Thanx for your prompt reply Huey,

I followed the wires from under the flywheel as you suggested and they run directly to the plug outlet so I guess it's AC.

The 9.9 goes on a 12ft punt that we use for bream and bass spinning, we also run a 35lb thrust electric which is run from a 50amp sealed battery, this also powers a depth sounder.

If I had the rectifer fitted do you think it would be worth while in terms of the amount of charge it would put back into the system? Can you guy's fit this part?

In terms of engine hours we use the Jonno to run between spots and usually at 75% throttle so on an average day out it may have a run time of 2-4 hrs.

Your right about the 9.9 being a good little donk, with 2 adults aand a boat full of gear it get's up and running on the plane with a min of fuss, start's first pull just about every time as well.

Looking foreward to your thoughts and thank's for your help,

Regard's Rod.

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Hi Rod, no problem mate. Yes we can fit the recitifer kit to your engine and it will help to maintain your battery charge, but at only 5 amps output it will not recharge your battery from flat in your normal usage. It will offer a top-up charge when the outboard is running and it might help the battery get thru a whole day of electric outboard use and sounder use.



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