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Botany Bay


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hi guys havent really heard any reports of the bay at the moment coming through. i havent fished it myself for around 2months as i have been fishing the harbour and hawkesbury.

Are there still Kingies holding in the bay worth chasing with the downrigger or would i be wasting my time.

any news would be appreciated.

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Mate I was down at penrhyn ramp around lunch time,just snooping

around trying to see what people are catching,and I saw a few

yellow tails sticking out of some peoples buckets.

Cant tell u where they got em coz no one would tell me.

Seen Bream,Flatties and Trevs mainly though.


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thanks for the input guys, iv got some snap frozen squid i caught myself to use and will endevour to get yakkas as well to downrig the shit outta the bay on friday morning and all day.

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