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Transom Portofino


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Hi James, for what I understand of boat building design the portofino transom is the way the stern of the boat will swoop down. If you look at some designs of boat the transom is finished off square while other boats have the "portofino design" A good example of a portofino design would be a Coxcraft Reefrunner while say the Seafarer Viking has the more squre (90 degree) design of transom. Donna is also correct some run a trandom door and I was unaware that portofino was Italian for door-you learn something new every day.



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I think Portofino is one of those posh waterfront Itallion resort towns. Theres a couple of blocks of units in Sydney named after it.


It is indeed, with lots of cool history too. Being an ancient fishing port the local folklore and culture is based around the mariner.

Check out this site for more info.



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