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The Rain!


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G'day Raiders

I am sitting here at the computer watching the rain pouring down and this led me to wondering about the folks up north who are copping it with all this rain.

Having experienced the Hawkesbury on Monday and seen what the damage was down here there must be a hell of a lot of damage to the north of us.

If you are up that way let us know what is happening.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there must be some of you doing it really tough and if you are let us know - maybe we can can be of some help.



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Hi Inhlanzi

Here on the mid north coast, it was a bit wet this morning, but fined up to a fairly nice day but was looking very threatening when I left the Breakwall at 5pm! Threats of rain for Sun thru to Tues, but hope it doesn't happen! The water is still coming out chocolate brown, but the blackies are biting on the bottom of the out!

We haven't been on water restrictions all year - most unusual for this part of the coast, as it has been since we moved here in '99! So, in a way, WE DON"T WANT ANY MORE RAIN! However, over the other side of the Great Dividing range, it may be a totally different story!



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Warm, sunny & no wind up here for a couple of weeks now. Most days have been 21 degrees & down to around 8-10 at night.

We were very lucky to have that big storm miss us.

I hope that anyone who has hasn't been so lucky is doing ok.



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