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Snow Trip


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Hey mate, I just came back from there.

I stayed at Snowline in Jindabyne. Your right on the lake too if you want to fish.

I paid $248 for 2nights on a 2 bedroom. Quite nice there, has games room, swings etc for the kids!

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Mate Charlottes Pass is the best place for family and kids.

Nice easy slopes and a bit more family orientated.

We went with the funhoggs and took over a whole lodge. We had fifty people including kids and had a great time no problems except BIGTIME HANGOVERS.

Stillwell Lodge. Ring them and say you know a Funhogg and see if you can get a better rate.

Can give u more info but only via PM.


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Thredbo is very pricey, and only has 1 beginners area. More adult orientated.

Smiggins/ Perisher would be my pick, lots of beginner area and AFAIK the "milo" kids are there too.

Jindy has some reasonable places to stay, but then you have to drive to the snow (and try to get a parking spot!!) or use the Skitube.

Haven't stayed at any of the others, but unless the rules have changed in the last 12 mths, dont bother taking a toboggan to any of the resorts.


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