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Jigging Rod And Reel


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What sort of rod and reel combo should i buy for some offshore jigging from sydney reefs? Birthday coming up and would like some info on what you suggest. Havent got a billlion dollars to spend. But would be reasonable.

i have an overhead pfluger and an okuma eb80 baitruner reels at the moment. would they do the job. One loaded with about 30lb mono and the other 50lb braid.


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cant beat a shimano stella 20000 spooled with anywhere from 50-100lb braid matched with a shimano deep jig 400 :thumbup:

id stick to braid mate when jigging as its more water resistant then the mono, plus u can get the

coloured stuff that changes colour every 20mrts makes it alot easier to count how far to drop your jig

once u find the kings on the sounder...

great set up to jig with :thumbup: although its abit on the pricey side its WELL worth it

mate i wouldnt settle for anything but the best with jigging, it can apply ALOT of pressure

on gear and cheapo reels will shit them selfs after not too long,

hooking up onto a big hood even 70cm+ fish 100+ meters down and having to reef him up does apply alot of

strain on gear..

just do your homework and research into it be4 u decide on final combo choice...


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