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High Tide Weekend


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I went to Coogee for fishing yesterday night. Upon arriving there, I just said to myself "shall I go home now?" the waves are crazy, it is not the sea that I have seen before.

The place I usually stay are full of water, I can only keep myself far away from the edge but still get hit by water. Got no luck in 4 hours. There was no one fishing beside me and no one on the beach.

Could anyone please tell me if yesterday is a good fishing day? Is every high tide so "high" or it is just because of the recent rains?


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Polyrandom - that's a funny post!!

Mate - the weather and seas at the moment are horrendous. We're talking 3-4 metre waves with driving wind and rain. These are pretty much the worst possible conditions for beach fishing - even at Coogee. Combine that with a 1.85 metre high tide at 9:30pm and you have a recipe for a lot of water moving around.

Beach and rock fishing are simply not an option when the weather is like it was yesterday. You'll also want to avoid the Beach thjs coming Wednesday when the models are predicting 8 metre waves and huge southerly winds.

Coogee can fish well at times, even in the dead of winter, but not in the middle of a storm!!

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Poly - if you don't have easy access to a computer there are ways to predict what the conditions will be like at the beach just by looking outside. The main test is whether the weather is unsettled, and for how long it's been that way.

If the weather is unsettled, and has been like that for several days, it is likely that the beach will be a mess - big waves, wind and seaweed. Not a good time for fishing.

On the other hand, if the weather has been calm for several days you can almost bet that the beach will be calm too - small surf and little wind.

Tides will not impact these conditions (although beach fishing is usually most productive at high tide). The rule of thumb is - when the weather is bad, stay away from the beach. You can still fish at these times - you just need to find a protected spot inside the Habour or one of the Bays.

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Just in case this is something you are not aware of.

And i am not even sure what type of fishing you do, but thought i would throw this in.

Rock fishing is the most lethal sport in the world I believe. And although it can be very exciting, and a great

way to get good fish.

The ocean must be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Safety Safety Safety. being washed of rocks by big waves, is a very dangerous situation to be in.

I am suggesting, (if this is something you are not sure of) that you take a lot of time to get to know the conditions in the area you are fishing. And always expect the unexpected. it's the FREAK waves that kill people.

There are some real expert rock fisho's on this site, who maybe able to give you some great advice.

Good luck with the safe fishing.


ps seabreeze is a must..

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Mondo speaks words of wisdom. In a strong southerly wind for example, protected southern corners of beaches are your best bet - but the surfers will be there too. Best to get the at daybreak or dusk to avoid too many people if you can, otherwise find a nice spot in the harbour or an estuary.

I admire you for persisting the other day Polyrandom, I haven't been close to a beach for two weeks now and can't wait to get fishing again! Hopefully this weekend!

Good Luck!



PS Sparkles is spot on re: rock fishing. People seem to underestimate just how dangerous it can be.

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