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Looks like a dolphin to me...

The tail fin seems vertical to me not horizontal like a mammal.

If that tail was horizontal the dorsal fin would be leaning over more

towards the surfer,I think anyway.


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Its a dolphin and done the rounds a few times

As a point of interest, dolphins generally when on the surface will have some of its back showing out of the water/exposed when they broach the surface. A shark only exposes its fin and no back. A shark can cruise the surface with its fin exposed where a dolphin may only broach the surface and can not curise it. I would assume its due to their differences in tail and swim motion. Sharks have a verticale tail with upper lobe where dolphin have a horizontial tail.

White sharks I understand are the only shark that will stick its head out of the water to see what could be on the menu. Lucky they don't have arms or legs to crawl on board :1yikes:



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