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Minnamurra River


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Headed out mimnamurra river in the yak to chase some bream first stop was to get some nippers didnt take long to get what i needed so peddled over to the train bridge and started drifting around the pilons with nippers

there was a lot of little one around the 20cm mark but no keepers kept at then got the run i wanted thought i had a stompin bream it took about 5 runs then got it yak side and it was a perch that went 38cm kept at it for another hour and got plenty more undersize bream but nothing legal so then i tried plastics for about an hour got a few hits but only one taker it was another perch great morning out

cheers mik


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nice work there

i always like passing that river on the way to JB cos it looks so good

one of the hundred little creeks that i've passed where i wish i could've stopped and wet a line

oh well - if i did that i'd still be on holidays :P

how does the perch go on the plate?

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yeah its a good river with plenty of fish in it as for the eating quility i wouldnt no i dont eat fish usually give it to the neighbours or release back in the water

kingies til i die

mate its great fun fishing out of the yak loved gettin toed around by fish

cheers mik

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