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Stumpys Tip For The Day


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Well, as you can see from the lack of fishing reports, one must amuse themselves somehow. As I have been relegated to the office today in order to do bookwork, I feel that contributing to Fishraider is a form of bookwork, so I can't get into trouble.

The Topic for todays B.S , is STORM DAMAGE.

Did you know that............. if a tree falls from your neighbours property onto YOUR house, YOU are responsible for its removal and subsequent repairs to the house. If you are un-insured, tough luck.

I hear you say,"But the neighbours are insured" well, yes, good for them.

The onus of their insurance company is to make good repairs to their house and anything "man-made" on their property up to and including 50% of the fence.That is where it all stops!

Your insurance company, or you(if you are not insured) must repair the other 50% of the fence and anything damaged in YOUR property.

So I hear you say "but we told them it was dangerous"............. Yeah, big deal. I bet you didn't follow it up with a qualified Arborist report did ya! So that attempt just failed. :tease:

So I hear you say"The Council knocked us back on its removal, so we will sue them" ...............Yeah, ever heard of the clause "Act of God" Tough titties........... Go to Church ! :1badmood:

So , I hear you say "we're screwed" ........................... YEP! :05:



Next week, the perils of employing sole traders for repair work!

(If this generates any interest, i'll bring this one forward.)

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So stumpy can you recommend a magic potion to distroy any dangerous trees in ones neighbour's yard that look threatening???

Don't suppose the Sole Trader issue would be with regards to public liability if something happens to them whilst working on your home???

See this is like working but it won't generate you any money and it won't clean my house!!!

FR is so addictive!

Cheers Marg

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