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Albacore At The Southern Canyons

Ross Hunter

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Sloppy,wet and a bit miserable were the conditions, but we did score a few nice albies to 7kg and a few striped tuna . We trolled all the fish and were just about to pull up for a cube when as the last bloodshot tuna hunter lure was being pulled in a yellowfin climbed on it We got the angler in the chair and he did a great job, however as soon as the trace was grabbed it fell of. :05: Bugger The fish was around the 20kg

By and large a good day was had even althogh the weather was a bit ordinary.

Tips for the next week Yellowfin and albies It wont be long now folks We do have a couple of share charters for yellowfin, available if anyone is interested...........You can ring 9534 2378 to book.


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Unlucky about the lost fish but atleast you got acouple of nice albacore.

Just wish the weather would clear up so the trailer boats can have a crack at them

because it sounds like they are starting to bite.

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