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Point Piper


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Hi Raiders,

Not much of a report,but at least something for me to write.

I was desperate for a fish today so I snuck down to the water at Point Piper today after

work(8am). I had about 45mins to spare before I had to take my son to school, so

I got my flick stik off the boat and tied on a Tiny Fluke(baby bass) and tossed it

around. I got constant hook ups on just under legal pinkies.Nothing great was landed but

this fed my fishing addiction for a while.

Im dying for this weather to improve :( , so I can get out for a proper fish. :biggrin2:

ps- weather turned bad after this pic.



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Dammit ive never caught a pinkie on an SP. even a small one would satisfy me. i got bream SPing down, so u would think i could catch a pinkie :tease:

Good to see ppl getting out on the water! nice job!

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nothing pisses me off more than these small pinkies.. not even toads.. and i dont know why :ranting2:

Them pinkies p me off as well 99% of the time, but bcoz I havent

been able to get out for a fish in ages, any fish caught would do me,esp on a sp.


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