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Boat Ramps Section

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The boat ramp posts have been moved to their own section in Boating called Boat Ramps.

Inside Boat Ramps you will now see many subforums.

There is a section where you may submit any new ones and a suggested format for them.

We are still working on the format of some of the entries.

We need pics of a few namely Apple Tree Bay and Nords Wharf. If any member can help us with pics please submit. If any member sees any errors in there or can think of additional or updated info please let us know.

This is a work in progress and will be a terrific resource for all of us.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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No worries Stewy and Mrs Stewy and thanks for neatening (is that a word) up the ramp section.

I'm thinking I might add "TomTom" navigator coordinates in with the ramps as well.

I still have all the ramps for the Manning River to post up............soon. (I've said that a million times :( )

Reminds me, I have boat ramp POI's on my TomTom which I'm slowly building up. Once I get it done I might post the file for all to use. Maybe best to be put it in the GPS section though.

cheers :beersmile:


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