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Batemans Bay 2/7/07


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Hi folks,

Went out with a mate about 7.30am this morning to try for a few snapper off South Durras, which is a few K's north of Batemans Bay. Fantastic morning, a few clouds early on which turned into a beautiful blue sky day with a little south westerly blowing. The water was around 17 degrees and looked a little cloudy but not too bad considering all the rain.

Picked up 20 or so slimies without too much trying and then headed north. Tried a few spots at anchor with a good burley trail but could only manage a few rock cod. Drifted over a few rocky patches off Wasp Island and picked up this...


It went 35cm to the fork. Picked up a few more that went 29 - 30cm but not too much else. As we packed up to head home my mate pinned a nice gummy shark which went just over a metre. Not bad eating either.

As usual you go to all the trouble of catching live bait, and 90% of the fish were caught on squid which had been re-frozen a dozen times!! It's great to be on the water again.........

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good work mate!

think i might take a trip down soon so you can point me in the right direction! :1fishing1:

Azza P, no didn't try the plastics, tend to stick to bait fishing outside most days. My neighbour who owns a local tackle store gets into it all the time and does really well on them...

Wildfish, if your coming down this way let me know and I'm more than happy to fill you in on what's happening or a few locations to try. Unfortunately no gps marks because I haven't bought one yet. Might have to now the Marine Park is in force.....

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