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Last 3 Outings For Zippo Fish


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Hi Guys

I recently have tried for blackies on the high & low tide changeover, on Forster & Tuncurry sides, Spot X and the Wharves on Tuncurry side - for NOTHING!!! I am in Fish Denial! Yesterday was the most gorgeous morning - almost like summer! It was warm & sunny & I had too many layers of clothing on! A couple of days ago, it was so cold I felt like I was in the fridge all day - so much so, I kept my neoprene trousers on, even after I got home!

The good news is that the lake level is getting back towards normal - so most of the runoff water from the downpours has vented to the sea! The Wallis Lake level was at least 1/2 to 3/4m+ higher ever since the long weekend. Given that our lake is 5 times bigger than Sydney Harbour, that is a whole lot of extra fresh water, that, if harvested, would have topped up Warragamba Dam, no worries!!

See ya


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Hey Roberta, ya gotta keep trying, I caught my first ever flattie up at Forster, it was caught on one of those rubbery double tailed orange things, loved it up there and must get back there one day and tackle that lake system, from what I remember of it flatties would love living there, lots of channels and sandy flats.Good luck with your luderick hunting.. Cheers Ray R......

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