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Airlie Beach Fishing


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Hey all,

Does anyone know of any fishing charters that are good out of shute harbour/airlie. Reef fishing??

got my boy week away before i move to london to live

Cheers in advance


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There are a few around up around Airlie.

I just came back from there last month.

The best boat in Airlie goes out of Able Point Marina. It is a quick boat and will get you there and back in no time. MV Jillian is the name of the boat.

M.V. Jillian Fishing Charters

10% off full day fishing trips for YHA members

Abel Point Marina

Airlie Beach

(07) 4946 1507


The other one is in Shute Harbour. MV Moruya is the name of the boat. It is slower and older boat, but I still had a good time on that boat.


(07) 4946 7127


(07) 4946 7127


0415 185 653


The other goes out of Hamilton Island, and is a little more game and sport fishing orientated. My BIL caught a massive Spanish Makeral off that boat. The boat is called Renegade.

Man I want to go back.

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I went out on MV Julian back in 2003 - the two guys that work on that boat are top knock-around blokes - if you are going up with a bunch of mates I'm sure they'll show you a good time and hopefully a few fish.

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JILLIAN yeah top charter

if you like to pay to much, and use hand lines to catch fish with servo bait.

the crew does more fishing than you do!

They tell you hand lines are the only way to go, but the crew use shimano calcutters all day.

i was also pissed when the boat batteries died and we drifted for about an hour. Oh and we spent about 2 hours dropping off and finding the captains crabpot.

they are nice blokes! worst charter i have ever been on

take a rod and hire a boat, you'll have a much better experiance,

or check out the lake at prosapine for barra, there are charters there to but very expensive

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