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Balmoral 8th July


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Went down to balmoral about 6 this morning , been a few salmon about so hoped to hook into some

The general fishing was very quiet only a few small trevs and yakkas to start off, fishing with an unweighted yakka strip suddenly hooked a nice sambo that put up one hell of a fight , easily the hardest fighting one i have hooked. (it thought it was a kingy at 1 stage trying to take me under the wharf) .

My new PB of 64cm :biggrin2:


After that we persisted till about 1.30pm with not much to show for it, we moved around a fair bit and it was pretty dead all around.


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not a bad looking sambo there rob :thumbup: looks pretty quiet there on the wharf not many people

it was really weird!! we were the ONLY ones there

then we moved

came back at about 12 and there was 2 people there :wacko:

but then 2 big groups came lol

and @ shant

still got bronchitis? thought u did so didnt wanna bug u again lol

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