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Tough Weekend At The Mountain And The Canyons

Ross Hunter

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Broadbill caught a big mako and one fin ( a rat of 18kg)The weather on Sunday was as usual a horror show. We started cubing in the afternoon and after half hour the rain became torrential and with it squalls of 20 :1badmood: knots from the south. Does the word cold, bleak and awful describe the day...I think so.

La Tasha was fishing near us and they caught a couple early on but when the rain and wind came we all trolled home with our tails between our legs.

The big mako put on a great display when it catherine wheeled out of the water a few times much to the thrill of the anglers.

Did any one catch any tuna over the weekend?

I feel that given good weather we are going to nail some great tuna, surely it will give us a break soon.


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We cubed inside the mountain yesterday for 2 y/f t

before arousing the interests of one energetic Thresher shark and had

one take a lure on the troll home.... Ross is the thresher a normal

occurence in your travels ? ... for these two are the first i have seen

other than book's etc. are they normaly from these parts

for i am sure there were more around.................

Cheers Warnie

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