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Healthy Winter Kings


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Got a call at the last minute for an arvo king sesh- Fished just wide of Sydney Harbour heads for approx 2.5 hrs.

6 of the 13 fish cracking the 6.5 kg mark, all fish putting up a great fight in true King fashion.

Great Day, Great company..... GREAT FUN.

We done fellas, had a ball we will do it again soon :)



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Well done on the kings great stuff...hopefully a sign of things to come

I can only imagine Assasin was fishing one of the reefs fellas.....visit them and im sure you will find out which one

Havent heard from you in a while mate....you gonna be chasing the YFT soon??

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G,Day, Netic i will be chasing YFT as soon as the weather and work permits... i have had mininal fishing over the last 4 months, as with most boaties ive been limited by these consistant low pressure systems. It will be a long awaited change to hit the deep blue.

Netic is correct, you dont need GPS co-ordinates work the deeper reefs and im sure they all hold kings on the right day, especially this time of year.

As far as bait goes, not much beats a lolli pop size squid.

P.S nice youtube Netic :)

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