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Botany Bay


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Hi every1,fished Botany Bay Monday afternoon as I was bored at home,

called up my mate George, we hooked up the boat and off we went to

Fishfinder Bait and tackle to get bait and some berley pellets.

Shock horror they were shut and a sign on the door said they were shut due to

illness, (hope u all get better soon tony) :05:

We got some servo pillies and whitebait and went fishing.

It was very slow for us, and the water was dirty in a lot of spots we tried.

At Moll pt we got a 6 Trevs to 37cm, then we opted to go for a feed at La Perouse,

I had just thrown in my white bait and sat down to enjoy my burger when my rod

buckles over and the drag sings a very fine tune. I jump up and spill my burger onto

the floor of my Quiny :( ,I pick up the rod and wind it in like mad and soon we net a

57cm Flatty :biggrin2: a good swap for my burger I think, but in the end I let it go,

George spewed hard coz he wanted it, the look on his face was priceless :ranting2: a good

swap for my burger I thought :1prop:



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Thats good mate gettin out there & spending a few hours,certainly does beat sittin around home.

nothing wrong with a few trevas & flathead,i too was a bit suprised driving past tonys

fishfinder monday arvo & seeing it closed.BET HE IS FEELIN A LOT BETTER AFTER THE



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