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Nsw Dpi News 13/08/04

Ken A

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Six men from Sydney, aged between 39 and 54, will face charges relating to exceeding daily bag limits and keeping undersize fish.

NSW Department of Primary Industries’ (DPI) Principal Manager, Regional Services, Glenn Tritton, said the six men were apprehended on the night of 27 July at Windang, Lake Illawarra.

Along with the six men charged, Fisheries Officers also issued on-the-spot fines totalling $1400 to four other people.

“Fisheries Officers reported that they saw a large group of people fishing from the shore, appearing to keep large numbers of small fish. As fishers left the lake, they were stopped and their vehicles searched.

“In total, Fisheries Officers seized 943 fish – mostly undersized sand whiting – as well as six fishing rods and a number of eskies and buckets,” Mr Tritton said.

“The maximum penalty for these offences is a $11,000 fine and/or a three-month gaol term.

The minimum size limit for sand whiting is 27cm and there is a daily bag limit of 20.

“We are disappointed that these fishers have blatantly disregarded bag and size limits. NSW values its fish stocks, and these rules are in place to ensure that fishing activities remain sustainable,” Mr Tritton said.

“Our fish stocks are a community-owned resource and NSW DPI is working to protect this resource for future generations.”

Anyone with information on illegal fishing activity is urged to contact their local Fisheries Office or call the Fishers Watch phone line on 1800 043 536.

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I agree Pedro we all knock fisheries dept but they deserve a well done for this type of thing.

I hope a fllow up gets posted as to what fine they actually get. Unfortunately many of the fines are only small. Time to start making examples of people & hitting them with the maximum penalty & by that I mean the fine & 3 months gaol.

It may sound tough but the time for soft hits is over in my opinion.

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Guest bluecod

Damn good thing to see that these blokes were busted for what they have done.

"943 Fish" "As they left the lake"

Why did NSW Fisheries wait until the fishers left the lake? Seems like 10 fishers were caught X bag limit of 20 - Had they gone in guns ablazing :2gun: they may have saved 700 odd fish.

Still, good to see some penalties being handed out - should be more of it.

OOOPPSS - just checked the fishing license - it expired midweek - time to get a renewal.

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Guest Jocool

How the HELL can you catch that many fish!!!!!!??????

Not being nasty to the older fellas here who I respect dearly...but did you guys see their ages? You would think they would know better.

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