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hey guys I have been sick the last few days and my head is driving me insane with boredom.

I was having a look at all the rods we have and realised that they are just all over the place and in no real order.

I need to put them away into something where they can be easily accesible and are in neat order and wont cause them any potential damage.

I was thinking of getting something like where you put snookers cues up.

Im even up for making something like this so any ideas would be appreciated.

I have game rods and just standard reels also.

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Hi Frank

Just for an idea......... in my case i wanted a lock and key on mine

we had one of the kids unuesed wardrobe handy .....i simply screwed 3x2 on the bottom at the rear

with just enough room for the the required width of the reel and the butt's to tuck behind.......another length of 3x2 screwed

about a 1.2 hight.... i then screwed them plastic c clips to the timber spaced to suit game rods and reels

the rod then just pushes in and locks in place....although to get more to fit

i had turn the rod's and reel's side on.... this allowed me to space them about

120mm apart if i remember rightly.........And get 14 standing up safely and also

lockable if required.......

oh yea !!!!!!!!!!!! let me say in my regard i then got photo shots of them

being present as such for documentation to give to the insurance company

in the event they were ever to go walk abouts............

hope that makes sense to you..........................

Cheers Warnie................

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