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Renting A Houseboat On The Hawkesbury


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hi all, in late september me and a few of my cousins and uncles are renting a houseboat for 5 days and a tinny for each day aswell, i was wondering what some tips and targets on the hawkesbury are, i have fished the hawkesbury once catching loads of bream 1 flathead and a few tailor, are these and jewies the main inhabiters of the hawkesbury or is it just a mixed bag, i'm looking to use sp's and was wondering if there are any specific sp's used to target jewies. i remember that powerbait 3" grubs in pumpkinseed went well fishing around structures but apart from that i'm clueless. any help is appreciated.

thanks, phil

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Mate the Hawkesbury will deliver just about anything depending on where you are and when.I would say in the past bream and flatties have been the rivers staples with a few welcome extras along the way.In the past I have caught sambos up past wisemans 1 day and and perch on the next day in the same spot.

I reckon the further up the river you are the more the fishing is affected by rain and tides.One thing I have learned is the locals up there have a completely different outlook to fishing and give little away.

Another thing to consider is where you hire houseboat from as they are not the fastest things on the water and you dont want to waste a whole day driving a floating brick to where you want to be.Something to think about when hiring is the hourly rate they charge on the motors!! Believe me you can double your costs with this with some mobs just on their hourly rate.(Im not saying any of them are shonks but I did get caught out that way a cpl years ago)If your up that way and up early you can usually get hold of some fresh local prawns either live for an early morning session or cooked for lunch later on.In areas where there are mangroves look for little creeks or even trails that go off into the mangroves and fish off those where they meet the main river on a runout tide.

And if the fish aren`t biting???????.........................................................Just look around cos your in one of the worlds most beautiful places and your bound to meet some real charactures along the way!!

Cheers Have a GR8 Time! :1fishing1:

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