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I Give Up


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Find a kid about 15 years old, your son or daughter a nephew , niece, the kids know what to door a mate computer nerd mate . It is easy when you get shown . Good Luck.. Ray R...

thanks for your help Ray (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thats exactly what I`m tryin to avoid mate.

You see I`m well aware bigears jr could do it in 5 mins but I`ll be hearing about it for a lot longer than its gonna take me and it just aint worth the trade!! :05::ranting2:

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are you just downloading from your hard drive

or are you linking to a photo gallery website

You should just browse the your folders for the

file the click the pic and add attachment if it's

too big you get a warning and just resize image

from any photo program

but just browse and add should give you a result

like this


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