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Adventure Bound


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its a great show, actually ch31 has a few great shows, i also like 4wdTV thats on at 7:30 before adventure bound. the only thing i dont like about ch31 is i cant find a TV guide for it, no one seems to publish one for it

I think you will find Program listings for TVS Ch31 in The SMH Daily,

not sure if they do it in the weekly Program Guide.

Or Get onto the net and download it from the TVS website



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Another good episode tonight.I am not a trout fisherman and have only ever caught them at a weekend event they hold every year in the local swimming pool.

This was the first time i have ever seen a show where they use sp's to catch trout.Its good to know that if i am ever in trout country i will still be able to fish. :thumbup:

Cant wait till next week.



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