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Hi guys ,

had a flexi day today so after a visit to the dentist, and a bit of work on the boat that I am repainting, I headed out to find some fish.

Visited Turrametta early this afternoon, and watched as the lone senior fisherman in the main gutter pulled in a 40+ blackie on a rising tide, so decided to join him.

After the formalities of an introduction and "hi, mind if I join you here", I settled in and attempted to emulate his efforts. He pulled in another big fish and lost another as I was settling in, and all the time the tide was coming in and the water over the rocks was getting stronger. After a couple of strong waves swept the ledge and I had to work to stay in one place I commented " while you are staying I'll hang around".

A little while later another strong wave swept the rocks and I said " just what does it take before you give it up", to which he replied "that was it" , so we beat a retreat to the safety of the beach.

While he cleaned his catch I had a look at the wreck of a jet ski that was washed up on the rocks, probably from a tow in surfer that had gone wrong in the big swells of early winter.

Decided to head to Narrabeen lake, near the caravan park where it was a lot safer, and joined a couple of others practising "the dark art"

Had the pleasure of pulling in 5 fish, (no monsters) and I released three of legal size, which were small compared to their mates I kept.

No pics to share , but a good afternoon in the water.

tight lines


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Well done, Cam

Both on leaving the ledge before it got any more dangerous - & for staying till the other bloke left as well! Ain't no fish worth dying for! Deep down, you know when you are not comfortable with the swell/wash!

Glad you got into some at the lake - great fun, isn't it? Incredible how 'small' some legals look, compared to others that may only be 3-5cm bigger!

Amazing about the Jet Ski! Is it half submerged in the sand? Surprised it hasn't been removed - oil/petrol threat?

When will you get the girls into blackie fishing? I reckon Claire would love it!



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