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Salmon At North Head


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With the thought that there were pelagics outside busting the surface, i had to find a way to get my boat to the ramp. I eventually did and it was a very late start as we left the ramp at 12:30pm. It was smooth ride to the heads with little wind and as we neared we could see a whole bunch of birds diving and swooping the surface! I was pumped and couldn't wait to get the first cast in! They were in a frenzy at the point of north head and were very spooky and didnt come up or stay up long. After a few casts at the first encounter, i hooked up solid to a small salmon and my mate hooked up to a rather big trevally. The salmon went roughly 2kg and the trevally went 46cm. Then the school dissapeared.

We soon found out the reason why. SEAL!! It had a salmon in its mouth and it was throwing it around in the water ripping it to pieces. It spoilt all the fun and i new that it would bug us for the next few hours. And it did!

My mate hooked up solid to a salmon and after a short-lived fight an extra weight presented itself on the line and was heading towards the surface. BLOODY SEAL GRABBED THE SALMON!!

After an hour the school appeared again and i hooked up to a bigger salmon this time and it straightened my hook!

We then bottom bashed for 2 mowies, sweep and all the reef junk.

No pics, the camera has really been playin up on me lately.


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A few years back a similar thing happened to me a couple of kms offshore down the coast.

We got amongst some good sized silver trevally only to have them 'disappear' when a seal showed up and started throwing one around on top of the water.

But a quick glance over the side of the boat revealed that the entire school of trevally was holding up right underneath us (presumably hoping the seal would be too scared to come and get them). They were close enough to touch and as thick as a bait ball. I grabbed our landing net and literally scooped a couple out of the water (then felt guilty and let them go!).

So next time your fish get scared off by a seal have a peak over the side of the boat, you never know!

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