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Whale Beach - The Ovens


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Anyone fished the Ovens lately?

I've got a day off Thursday and thinking about spending the morning there.

The weather forecast on Seabreeze looks pretty good with less than 1m swell and less then 10 knot winds. Obviously I'll re-asses before I make the climb down the cliff.

I've seen some nice snapper caught there so this is the target. Kingies would be good too but unlikely.

I'm going with a mate, but if any fellow raiders like to join me just PM me.



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Hey thanks for telling me Jin...damn locals indeed. Surely the council put the nail there in the first place so they are in fact, damaging public property? I go there once or twice a year but won't climb down without the nail in place.

I'll stick to the Northern Beaches then, possibly North Head.



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