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False Floor


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HI MATE,I`m a chippie and I have put false floors in every tinnie I`ve had and thats bean a few.

A few tips-

1-If you realy want you can use marine ply(very expensive (I have always used CD ply its much cheaper and is a water resistant ply and it will last a long time.

2-use a marine carpet over the top it looks geat and will not rot with salt

3-Depending on your boat use three different panels from seat to seat or bow to seat etc

4-in a smaller boat leave the space betweem the back seat and transom out you dont usually stand there and it lets you know if you have any water in the boat

5-Use treated pine for your bearers as they will not rot and are often in the water

6-Dont cut it in to tight ,timber swells and you want to be able to get them out easily at the end of the day when you want to clean the boat out.

7-when you take out your floor panel and hose them stand them on edge to dry as they will dry faster and better

8-I never use contact adhesive on the carpet as i found it blisters and traps water between the ply and the carpet which has now been sealed by the adhesive and although it wont rot the ply it starts to smell bad.Instead I use a construction advesive such as max bond or liguid nails and glue ariound the edges and zigzag through the middle.that way you dont seal the carpet and it can breath and dry a lot faster.

hope this helps any probs pm me for a number and I`ll give you a call.

Good Luck


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