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North Harbour 28/8


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It was my birthday yesterday so i thought what better way to enjoy the day then to head out for a fish!! For those of you that know about my long term battle to get my boat started, i finally won!! $3.5k later and it finally up and running!

Anyways started out just having a fish from the mooring but the wind was making berleying pointless as it all justy drifted away heaps quick so decided to have a bit of a flick with some gulps. Scored a few trevs pretty quick and a 36cm flounder pic below. It completely engulfed the lure and i was surprised how big its mouth was... anyway motored over to reef beach and just started drifting north harbour jigging some plastics for flatties, no luck but scored a stinky pike and a few leatherjackets before callin it a day. Pretty slow really but i think im gonnna have to get some gulp alives to change my luck for the next trip!



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From stationary moored platform to a moving boat. The $3500 is a big ouch but nothing is better than when your boat actually works properly and is reliable. Now good luck getting into all those fish that youy can now reach.


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Hey dicko

Nice work on the flounder.... And well done on the boat scene mate! I know your've had some crappy luck with your boat the last 6mths + but on the bright side things are getting better now with spring just off :biggrin2:

Big on those summer hordes of kingys plse!


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