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  1. Great report Skip. Fantastic trip. PBs to top it off. Awesome! Love the shot of the fish in the water too.
  2. Good luck Ray! have a great time! Looking forward to seeing the pics!
  3. james7

    Hodgeys Birthday

    Happy birthday Skip!! I hope you had a great day!
  4. What can I say Roberta? Just sensational!!! Cheers Peter
  5. Sensational Ray! Magnificant colours! Great to see a post in General pictures again! Cheers Peter
  6. On behalf of all the big flathead of Tuross, I say it's about time you left the area! Going to miss your amazing exploits with Dene and the occasional family member Skip. I never tired of your reports and the great photos. Looking forward to seeing your first Mexican report. Good luck with the move. Cheers Peter
  7. Great session, great fish, great sunset! Cheers Peter
  8. Onya Ray! Great report and good feed there. It looked beautiful on the water. Cheers Peter
  9. Sensational report Roberta! Some great fish for you and Michelle! Brilliant photos too. Cheers Peter
  10. No.1 choice - Pink squid skirts. I use 10-12cm skirts for salmon, bonito and tailor and 12-15cm for kings. It's just about all that I use now. They catch almost anything. No. 2 choice - hardbodies like this in grey or dark blue (pilchard colours) about 12cm long This old lure is almost transparent, but the tailor still go for it. Cheers Peter
  11. Despite your lack of fish this time it looks like an awesome time was had ay all. Great photos as usual Ray! Cheers Peter
  12. I caught a 40cm bonito on one of those light 6 hook bait rigs while fishing for herring off the breakwall at SWR. I also managed a 1m gummy on 6lb mono off South Cronulla years ago. It took about 20min to get to the boat. Cheers
  13. Great report Roberta! Good to see you're getting into some topwater action! Shame about the monster bream, but I bet it's still around there somewhere waiting for you! Cheers Peter
  14. Have a great day Stewy! Cheers Peter
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