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Twinpower 4000 Or 6000


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I have An addiction for gear like many of us do.

I have been thinking about buying a Twin Power 4000 mainly for Soft Plastics etc for Reds and Kings in Summer, but i am also pretty keen on Jigging at the moment and i was wondering if i could use it for lite jigging work for jigs say up to 100g in water to say 50/60m.(Most likely not that deep only under extreme circumtances)

Or should i go to a 6000

I want to use about 6/8kg braid for the snapper and with the spare spool i would like to use 15/20kg braid for Jigging.

Whats everyones thoughts ??



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Stick with the 4000. You will stick be able to get close to 300m of 30lb braid on it, which is fine for the light jigging depths and weights plus it's still light enough for plastic work.

I own the 4000, 5000PG and 5000HG (Jap) and 8000HG (Jap) Twin Powers, so may be able to assist.

The 4000 is the perfect size for fishing big plastics for snapper or harbour kings. However, I only managed to get about 220m of 20lb braid on the 4000. Could not quite get 300m of 15 lb Tuf Line on the spare spool (and yes, it's packed on rock hard). So you will not get enough 30 or 40lb braid on it. I generally match it with a TCurve Power Spin 5-10kg rod.

The 6000 is suitable for light jigging but a bit too heavy for snapper plastic fishing. (Assume you'd be using a Snapper Raider or similar for plastics).

To be honest, I would get both reels, as you are going to be making a significant compromise one way or the other.

If you're set on getting just one of the two you mentioned, I would suggest the 6000 (same size as the 8000) due to the 4000 being too small for jigging.

However, an alternative would be to get the Jap version 5000PG or 5000HG and buy a spare spool. This reel will do a good job for both your intended applications.

My favourite all-round reel in my collection is the 5000PG. It is smooth as silk and tough as anything. Similar to the Certate 3500HD Custom at 70% of the price. I generally match this reel with a Daiwa Saltiga M-over 80s for big plastics or surface luring and a Rapala Braid Concept 10-20kg for bottom bashing or light jigging.

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