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Sly Fishing At Lauriton (camden Haven)


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Managed a weekend leave pass, "good behavior bond" last Fri, Sat, and Sun. 24th, 25th, 26th Aug.

Slipped up stream and fished from dads tinnie on Sun. 26th.

Now, the river was dirty brown from all the rain, and we got out late and it was dead low tide, but the weather was sensational.

I flicked various plastics around, to no avail and the old salt fished with cooked prawns. First the old bugger landed a 39cm whiting NICE. Then a 41cm flattie, hhmmm !!

Time to re rig hobbitts gear.

Well, guess what............. I landed a 42cm Bream. Yahoo.

All in all a great day out, and to think, we both had it in our heads that we were coming home empty handed.

In the mean time, my boat is ready to hit Lake Mq. The donk has just been serviced, the bearings on the trailer have been replaced and I have thrown together a couple of rod holders for the tin can.

See you on the lake, and tight lines to all.

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