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Sydney Boating Incident 01/09/07


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Yesterday while out at browns i heard Coastal Patrol Sydney speaking to a boat who had called in a Mayday, i could only hear Coastal Patrol so assumed the boat in distress was a long way from me, i heard that another boat in there vicinity was first on scene then the marine Police, but also heard that Police Rescue and a chopper had been called for people washed on to rocks. Does anyone know the full story, i hope the people involved are ok.

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Hi Offtap1

If it doesn't make the papers or news tonight .... all should be well ..... unlike those poor buggers last night in Brisbane!

Haven't we had some shocking boating accidents in the last 12 months (should really call them incidents,) too, as most should have been avoided!

Usually too much speed & not enough lookouts.


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