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Hit And Miss


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went to the lake today gave it a go from 1130 till 3 had an unbelievable amount of downs earlier on, couldnt work out what was going on.. put on the polarized sunnys and seen that there were large amounts of small schoolie blackfish, kept goin untill 1 as i couldnt leave whilst my float was still sinkin... moved to another spot one down, bang an whatya know a 25cm blacky. threw him back to grow some bigger fillets and that was about it a couple of small touches and that was that. i thought it may be the moon that was making them touchy as last time i went there was also a lot of downs and few fish ( only 4 in 3 hrs) but i am thinking it could be a matter of size i seen 3 other blackfishers and seen them catch small fish no descent sizes??? a week ago i was getting comfortable 35-40cm fish :( why???

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Hi Mark84

We all know how frustrated you are feeling!!! It has happened to all of us over the last week or so.

..... a week ago i was getting comfortable 35-40cm fish why???..... If only we could answer that easily!

Luckily up here just now, we are now regularly getting into mainly larger fish. Average size 35-40 & being smoked by bigger again!

Maybe cast out further & deeper - I reckon the smaller ones hang in closer to the drop offs - it is safer for them! Just keep trying different tactics (stave off the boredom factor, as well!) Definitely have as many varieties of weed as possible - what may work one day may not the next! The Lake there has about 6 varieties that I know of, plus cabbage (about 2-3 varieties in that too!!)

As Cam/Sails said the other day - he was off in LaLa land & looked back to see his float returning to the surface ..... having missed a nice down. When you are not concentrating it is easy to miss downs.

Just stick it out - don't give up on it! It'll get better!



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That is Narrabeen Lake.

I always found that around this time of year the bigger fish slow down and you will start to just get small ones and in a few weeks nothing.


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