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My New Baitboard For The Tinny


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hello all.

over the last week i've spent some time building a bait board to fix my problems when keeping bait. previously i would keep my bait on the middle bench seat and it would fall onto the floor everytime i moved fishing spots. i also added some space to store the all important fishing tools.

last of all i gave it a quick coat of paint


now i just need to catch some fish

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yeah its totally removable so it can hose it out. i'm not too worried about having 100% clean as the maggots can clean any tinny bit of bait for me.

it's made out of ply and pine we the use of 316 stainless steel screws, i thought about using a cutting board material but decided that ply would be good enough for me

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no she isn't an old style clinker boat, although i wouldn't mind that. she is a 10ft lightweight aluiminum (s). i don't know what brand she is but i think she is a one off , or home built.

post-1194-1189132497_thumb.jpghere she is ready to go fishing.

i have had her for nearly 3 years now, i started off with a 4HP yamaha but later moved up to a 9.8HP tohatsu and now she flies around the lower georges. i also added last year this beautifu l anchor well / storage area. i have a place for everything on my boat, no lose items.

post-1194-1189132269_thumb.jpg -before anchor well

post-1194-1189132326_thumb.jpg the anchor well / storage

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I saw that anchor storage & thought you would have added it! Top idea. Nothing more annoying than tripping over everything all the time!! Surprised you haven't put a floor in it yet!!

Great little setup!

Hi Dave - great use of a spare seat - most would be full of foam now as floatation, wouldn't they? I saw one once where they'd made it into a live well!!



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