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I had the great pleasure today of having young Brett (Flightmanagers son ) on board for his intiation into bass fishing with lures.

Now I have caught my fair share of bass in my time and I can tell you this was one very excited young fella on the trip up the Nepean through the narrows and the pressure was well and truly on me to come up with the goods .

Brett has come along way since I last seen him fish and his casting prowess is right up there :thumbup:.

I scored a nice fish on the gold blade tt to start off proceedings and I could see by the way Brett was zooming in on the likely spots he was gunna score for sure.

I scored again and a PB from this waterway for me at 42 cms :yahoo: and next thing I look over my shoulder and Brett's on :yahoo::yahoo: .

Brett was quite gob smacked when he got the first hit and it put up a spirited fight and duly landed and his first wild bass at a very respectable 38 cms and few pics and off she went to play in the murky waters.

We got some great fish today and none under 38cms which is awesome for such a hard fished place.

I decided to lob on a lipless crankbait for a bit of fun and first cast landed it right on the money and I didnt even need to crank it and I was hooked up solid, unreal!!!.

We had great conditons and it was a pleasure to fish with Brett who was a great decky and a pleasure to fish with. For such a young guy he certainly has matured over the last few years.

You are always welcome aboard young sir and we will get into em again soon.











Cheers Stewy

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I have only fished for bass once when a fella I met down the coast took me up the Shoalhaven to a spot he assured me was a surefire, neverfail, topnotch absolute killer secret spot (his words if I remember correctly).

We caught 5 Bream!

I found it bloody hilarious.


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