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Bottom Bash At Long Reef


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Despite a strong wind warning for the afternoon,my son and I decided to try off Long Reef for some mowies, reds, or snapper.

After a bit of an effort we managed 3 flathead and a good sized leatherjacket, which bit us off on one drift, and was caught 1/2 hour later on the next drift. It was the same fish as it had one of my hooks bitten off in its mouth. It also took a chunk out of one of the flathead on the way up.

By about 9.30 the wind was up and we were drifting too fast even with the sea anchor so we headed back to the harbour to try for flathead in there, but the wind was too strong even off balmoral.


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Nice one saltrix, i was surfing out at little narrabeen today wondering how it would have been a little further out in a boat!!! The water was a good colour and there was some gars and a few other baitfish getting chased around by something not to far away from me, also ducked into longreef headland on the way home and noticed a green patch round the whole headland followed closely by some pretty nice coloured blue stuff that was more reminicent of summer!!!! Would be interesting to go sit on the colour change if its still there later in the week when the wind dies down a little!!!

Least you got a little feed before the wind got up to much!


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