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  1. Good fish but glad you released it as I have found in the past a lot of the big ones are ridduled with worms, although it is years since I used to catch them.
  2. I We Launched from Parsley Bay at dawn to try for some bonito and kings on the troll. Headed south around the headlands to see a lot of fish on the sounder and got a couple of bonito and dropped a small kingfish. A couple of snags and tangles took a bit of time then it got quite around 9am so we headed out to try for a flathead. Got a couple then when the wind dropped completely and the drift slowed. Again spent a lot of time pulling up rather large shovel nose sharks which I like to de hook to look after them, and got a few spikeys It was nice trip out as the sea was very kind and I didn’t feel like I had a couple of hours workout in a gym and was able to enjoy a cup of coffee. Sorry I forgot to add a ruler to the photo but one bonito and the flathead were a good size.
  3. Launched at Tunks at first light and found the harbour a bit rough with the southerly swell making it very lumpy. Tried Troll around Dobroyd but although the sounder showed a lot of fish only got an us tailor here. The tried Nth Head we picked up 4 bonito and a salmon between the point and the rockfall Then headed out to Dee Why wide and tried several area with little success, just one good flathead and a shovel nose which took me a while to get up but was released without damage. The current was south to north and the sea was a very large lake southerly swell which made it hard to fish. Still it was nice to get out after along break .
  4. Interesting report and great photos, I really enjoyed reading.
  5. Headed out a bit late on Monday morning to a fairly calm sea except for a bit of confused slop and a slight southerly. ( Fished the bottom with pilchards and fish shop ocean squid. Tried 50 then 60 then 70 metres and found a few fish but not consistent in any one spot. Came in when the NW started to blow at 11am The two big blue spots dwarfed the three tiger flathead which were only a few cm over legal. The jackets were a good size also and we were lucky to not lose any gear to them. The whiting were around and cleaned up the pilchards butdidn’t take the 3/0 hooks easily. Most of the fish were caught on the squid
  6. Nice trevally, and good work with that lure, next time drink the beer and rinse the fillet in a couple of teaspoons of salt in a few cups of water dissolved. If bled and iced or caught fresh as you did I have found trevally to be excellent eating
  7. Nice catch of mixed species, well done.
  8. We use a 3 dropper rig wth pilchard on the bottom drop which is a 3 hook 4/0 joined gang. Most flathead are caught on that, but sometimes if the spikeys are thick a strip of squid on the single 3,/0 or 4/0 hooks last catch the bigger fish as the pickers are slow to get it off. A fillet of spikey sometimes gets a big fish. Our method is to try a drift in an area and keep trying deeper and different sites until we get some fish, then mark the gps and go back over that area. Make sure you hold the bottom as that is essential. Use a sea anchor to slow the drift if windy but keep moving. if your sounder is good enough to pick the difference the area to try is the sand area between the rocks. Hope this helps Saltrix
  9. We went south today off Dover Heights out about 4 miles in 60 meters, onto fish straight away, they were a very good size up to 60 cm. All blue spot flathead except for 1 tiger, never caught tigers before and not impressed with the black stomach lining. The tailor was a strange catch in 60 metres. Saw a few whales well inshore and had to increase the sinker size above 1lb to keep the bottom. Lost one good flathead to a shark, razor teeth marks and half missing. Thanks to the gps we were able to go over the productive area and keep catching fish. All the fish were caught on pilchards, either whole or half. Once off the productive area things were quite so it was worthwhile marking where the fish were caught and going back to that area.
  10. We started with smallish bibbed lures for the tailor, then to larger bibbed lures trolled about 6 knots at North Head which worked ok. Then to go along the front we found plastic squid type lures trolled about 8 knots worked just as well and the single hook made it much safer and easier to take the fish off. I was using a red feather lure with a huge 8/0 hook and it was being taken. in future I will use plastic squid type with a single hook
  11. Headed out from Tunks in the dark and the rain. Trolled around Dobroyd for a couple of tailor, and would have stayed longer but lost the school. Then trolled around North Head for a couple more bonito, again lost the school but continued north along the front for more bonito. Then headed out to Dee Why wide to try for our usual catch of flathead and others but the current was moving us a bit fast and it was very quite except for a very large sageant baker which took me a while to land. It was a large male and the biggest I have seen and I was able to return it without too much trouble. Picked up a couple more bonito on the way in. All the fish were between 31 and 36 cm, sorry I did not have anything in the photo to compare. The camera was a bit wet as were we despite the wet weather gear so the picture is bit blurry
  12. Some nice fish there and good photos. thanks for the report
  13. Sounds like a nice trip, thanks for the report.
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