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hi raiders can anyone give me some ideas on best materials and mounts 4 handline springers :1fishing1:

Hi offchops

Personally i reckon you can't go past the bamboo cane springer......

i think the ones manufactured nowadays are made out of fiberglass...

and just dont seem to have the same feel to them............

not even sure if the cane ones are available anymore i'm sure someone on

here would be able to confirm that if they are still ready available or not

a simple standard skin fitting accepts both types and wiith a bit of

electrical tape on the bottom to take the slack up and give a snug fitting......

if your unable to source cane springers then maybe......ask jewgaffer he may very well.........

have bundles of them stacked in his garage somewhere that he could be persuaded

to let go of a couple........

Cheers Warnie........

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