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Lake St Clair


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hey raiders i got a invite to fish st clair next month for the weekend i have never fished the lake befor and am interested in your opinions on this i will be mixing it up with surface, divers and plastics that part im ok with but im hearing heavier line is needed when fishing the sticks iv been told to spool up with min 10pound braid wats your opinon and wat times of the day would you prefer fishing the surface to deep water i believe surface fishing is better coming on to dark and night fishing will be fishing from my boat and land based and if you can think of anything else that might come in handy would be great cant wait camping and fishn can it get any better

chers mick

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There are a lot of weed beds in St Clair ,I have only fished it once but rest assured that jackals will get you plenty of hits on yellowbelly and bass. This time of year the surface lures arent that good and 1/2 oz spinner baits should be included in your arsenal as well ,especiall the twin blade willow in gold with the blue or green heads.

10 lb braid will stop most of the fish you encounter with a 12 to 20 lb leader.

Good luck and I hope to see a good report.

10 of us are off to Glenbawn in November for a week of bass hunting in search of the elusive 60cm bruiser.

Cheers Stewy

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Surface lures work well at low light periods early morning and afternoon till dusk, also at night with full or close to full moon. I favour black surface lures. I once read taht the light provided by the moon dose something with the reflection off the water which makes a black lure really stand out.

Rattaling lipless crankbaits are also very effective when working steep banks. If you are thinking of using them aroudn the trees they are easily snagged. Althought there are alot of cheaper alternatives than Jackall's.

I love spinnerbaits! The heavier weights to allow them to sink deeper quicker. Not to light weight as it takes to long to sink down to desired depth. They give plent of flash of the blades and virbrations and are virtualy weedless and hard to snag.

I like Atomic 3" bass Grubs, in pumpkinseed (a very popular colour lately). I use 1/8Oz 1/0 jig heads in shallow water but for deeper lake situations mabye go up a weight or 2.

You cant go past a good landing net mick. Those big enviro nets are great for catch and release! shop around though cause the shimano ones are really expensive. I think my one is a shakespeare. Way cheaper then shimano and pretty good quality.

I might also add, long leaders are a good option something like 2m mabye even longer. Flurocarbon or mono. 12lb - 20lb.

Berkely also puts out 30lb snap clips which are really really small. These are great on changing divers and other lures, but plactics and other small lures these clips can take away a bit of the lures action.

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ok the time is here im off to stclair this friday lunch time and bloody cant wait stocked up on some new spinner baits,hb's,surface crawlers and plastics got some 1 & 2 gram jig heads for the deeper water had the carby done on the outboard and iv even got working lights on the trailer now (always helps)lookn to crack my pb bass this weekend iv never fished the water befor so it should be very interesting 2 and a half days of solid fishing with good mates no phones no power nothn can it get any better hopefully ill have 1 hell of a report when i get back


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