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Botany Bay


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There is something magical about the Bay when it is in such a good mood like today. The plan was to take the :wife: and 5 year old Riley for a morning on the Bay. We started out at Watts reef around 10.45am wind was almost zero and the water was so clear I was lookin at the fish, Trevors mainly. Feeding on my bread and Pillie pieces berley.

They had no interest in anything with a hook in it. Noted the water temp in 4.5 metres of water on the reef was 18.7 which surprised me actually. I thought about Jewgaffers comment relating to water temps around Balmoral wharf and how the out going tide had warmed due to the water being heated by the weather on the day so it made a little more sense.

Jeez I hope thats what you said Jewgaffer :074: otherwise I've just made a complete tool of myself :yahoo:

With no luck I moved to the Bare Island bommie at low tide and fished off the back of the reef and :wife: caught a respectable Snapper that was allowed to go back. Riley had by this stage found the zinc and coated his entire dial with the stuff. I promptly covered my sounder and gps very quickly. A move was in order as the comments relating to my fishing prowess started to pay out from my loved one :074: If ya cant laugh at yourself who can ya laugh at.

Decided a quick stop at the third runway was in order on the way back to Cooks, and the water temp around the runway was a whopping 19.6 I couldn't believe it so I reached over and sure enough it was swimming time. The water was delightful I told Riley I would get him a fish next trip :yahoo: he was pretty happy with that. At the moment I'm teaching them the art of patience so no fish is not a bad thing.

:biggrin2::074: Thats my story and I'm stickin to it.


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We were out on the Bay yesterday and my sounder said the temperature ranged between 13.2 and 14.5 degrees. As Russ said it was a beautiful day but very quiet fish wise, one flathead (40cms) and a flounder that was bigger than a dinner plate (my first fish on SP).

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