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What 25 To Get?


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She's used mainly lurefishing for bream and bassing on big empoundments like Glenbawn.

However I've just set her up with a live bait tank and downrigger to target kingies in the harbour and middle harbour.

I also run a depth sounder and an electric outboard so an alternator would be a prerequesite on the new donk.

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Weird thing with some brands in this HP range. Was enquiring with Tohatsu to repower and discovered the 25 and 30 2 stroke are basically the same block , cc etc etc and the same weight but different rev profile.

All that was OK but then it came to pricing. 25hp was $3400 down from 3600list and the 30hp ws $3000. Thats right - I thought I had written it down wrong but after another enquiry I found that they don't turn over many 25hp and do lots of 30 in packages so the 30 was cheaper to compete with other brands. Extra 5 hp and $400 in the pocket.

One other thing to watch is the date of manufacture of the motor and model as a couple of dealers had very old stock and even old models or ones without trim, lower rated alternator. With some the older motor was better as it actually was a lazy downrated big cc 30hp rather than a uprated 20hp low cc buzzbox.

The weights of some of the 4strokes surprised me and also just how high up the rev range they produced the 25hp but the quietness and no oil smell or mixing has it's benefits of a whole day in the boat.

Get the spec sheets for the motor they are offerring and actually sit in a boat with one attached as we found some hard to tilt etc- you tiller steer or forward?

Good luck we haven't done our deal yet as we were just looking and thinking of an update.

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I have noticed 4 strokes on average weigh abt 10kg more than their 2 stroke counterparts.

I have also heard as you note Pelican that they (4 strokes) lack power down low?

The charging ability between 4+2 strokes seems to be abt 4 amps? which I don't really know what this equates too in terms of overall battery chargeability (if that's a word?)

I take your point Anthony abt emissions, it all becomes a bit confusing?

I have been told that Yamaha's are the most reliable however they only offer a 2 year warranty and Tohatsu offer a 3 year? Are Mercury more reliable, please raiders give me your opinions on your favourite donks!

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Oh yeah check what they are charging for fitting as it should make any warranty claim easier.

Check out what prop it comes with and whether they will exchange or test if it isn't correct for your boat fully loaded as you don't want your boat motor labouring.

Old technology 2 strokes last ages if looked after and oils have got better and they now use less but if doing a lot of trolling a 4 stroke would be the go- shame about the maintaiance costs longer term though.

Weights are so different between brands- 30 2 stroke is 52 for tohatsu and 4 stroke was 68kg- ouch that is heavy. put a sandbag or 2 at the back of your boat next time it is in the water and see how it sits so you know what weight it really can carry as you probably have other stuff fitted after manufacture.

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Hi, at present there are some great discounts for 30HP Mercury with 3 year warranty and also the 25HP Johnson 4-Stroke range.

All brands of carby 2-Stroke are pretty much similar and for anyone to really say one is much better than the other is a stretch. I would look at warranty and price if it was me and as mentioned the Merc 30HP L/S is pretty hard to beat on those points and the 25HP 4-Stroke Johnson will not go as well but be quieter, especially at low speed and use less fuel.

PM me if you would like the "Raider" price on these outboards,



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With a four stroke I found that for trolling they are almost as quiet as an electric and for me that was the clincher.

I have had a 40hp merc which was a derated 60hp but the weight at 96 is to much, but boy its was the smoothest 2 stroke by a country mile. Loved it for trolling.

If you can afford it, go for a 4 stroke, otherwise get a good 2 stroke and a cheap electric later on if really into estuary trolling.

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