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S.s. Seapig Gets A Run...


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Well how could you resist the weather at the mo, and with the missus workin and the kids at school, an impromptu solo session looked like the go. I hit the water at a lesiurely 10am and skimmed SeaPigs early seventies 4m Quintrex Premier hull over the ruffled surface of Kincumber Broadwater. She's gettin weary but still goes like a beauty with little weight.

The wind was already getting up a bit, but this far inside the tide was still coming in.Anyways, I reach my fave spot next to some racks, set the pick and start baiting up. Twenty minutes later, with two light set ups, one medium, and a coupla handlines out, I start reading the paper. Suddenly my sons little graphite set up was doin the dance as I pulled it out of the holder and jumped on the drag as the fish did the bolt! He peeled off ten metres or so before about facing it back to the boat and then sideways! I gained back line as my adrenaline levels were really buzzing, this felt like a good fish, but he found some bloody hole or something and busts me offff.! Servo big prawn.

Next action was repeated interest in a small strip of tailor by what could have been a trevor or another tailor, he was a bit too quick for a pos. ID. Three times I had him hooked but it was not to be.

Then a 25cm squire hits another servo prawn and gives me another adrenaline rush with a half minute of head shakin runs this way and that before he is boated, and returned gently. Another smaller specimen arrives shortly after, before all goes quiet and I shift camp to spot B to feed the fish the rest of my bait.

I drift through a fast running sandy channel with a bit of lead down, hoping to stir/wake up a few flatties, to no avail. Even the worm didnt get a look in!

Spot C was my last hope, but the tide was now well on the way out. Things are quiet here bar a few small enquiries, as the day slips slowly past noon. Thoughts of fatherhood responsibility start to creep into my brain as memories of a few runs on light tackle begin to fade.

I pulled the pick and chose forward on the ageing anodised Evinrude gear selector, opened her up, and speared the "Pig" into a fifteen knot Northerly across the sound, and back into life!

I'm hoping to seriously upgrade my vessel early next year. As good as that will be, I'm gonna miss Sea Pig.............

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I replied to your comment on my last post. I was nearly going to fish in the same area yesterday, lucky we headed over to the Island. Bad luck yesterday but it does sound like there is some action starting to happen inside.

Bring on summer. What street in Copa are you I'm in Ensenada? We should meet up for a fish I have a new 480 Quintrex Coastrunner, 90hp. If you are thinking of a new boat I can only recommend this model or similar I'm stoked with mine.

Regards, Hutcho

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G'day Hutcho! I'm round by the lake at the end of Copa dr. Sounds good for a fish in the coastrunner! I'm really a hacker but good for a laugh. Keep us posted and we'll catch up. I'm actually thinkin of hittin it early in the morn with a bud maybe drifting back into broken bay? Who knows and the night is young............

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Great report Rubes, I almost felt like I was out there myself.

You, me and Hutcho1 might have to form the Copa fishing club :1fishing1: , there seems to be a few other other Fishraider members around there (jnuior, Ray R, etc). I live on the beach end of Oceano St at Copa also.

If you see me about say hello, I drive a grey forerunner with a black bullbar. Our boat is a Stacer 4.85 bowrider with a 75 2 stroke. The canopy is teal or light blue. Happy to take you out if on mine if you want to try a Stacer if you are looking to upgrade, its not the current model (about 3yrs old) but I think the hulls the same, transoms different. Get a 4stroke, I wish I had every time I smell the exhaust.

I will be off on school hols soon so hope to see you out fishing. The weather is looking good and I am hoping for some no swell days to get out off Broken Bay to try for snapper.


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G'day Copafisher! A Copa fish club sounds good, could we hold it in front of the bottlo?

Thanks for the invite, I'll definitely take you up on it, I LOVE snapper! My 7yr old boy would be keen as well if he'd fit.

I drive a white rodeo with a coupla kids (came as options), and am fortunately fulfilling a mr mum role which enables occasional mid weekers (gents hrs), but I understand the importance of the twilight hrs....

Jews are my target as so far they have eluded me. Some kings would be nice also, but I understand the importance of patience.

Hope to see you about.........Rubes

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Gday Rubes,

Love to take you and your boy out. I have yet to get out into the snapper and would love to get some decent keepers and even a big hump :thumbup: . Read your post from yesterday, bad luck about the wind and fish. Reads something like my normal outing, though it always beats staying at home.

I am still learning the fishing ropes. The missus and my young bloke reckon I am a fishless wonder, as we havent brought home much yet. I managed to nail my first jew at the rip, even if he was only a soapy. Have had mixed luck with the kingies, hooked up to some last summer near lion but they all busted me off pretty quick. Learnt from that one but have still not managed to hook and hold one.

I am off for the next 2 weeks. Me and my young bloke (15y) have been itching to get out for weeks now, but the missus :ranting2: has got a long list of jobs waiting. She has just ordered a new tube for the boat, so now the weathers warmer, it will be a competition between fishing and pleasure boating.

PM me and we will try and setup a day, even if only around Brissie, Lion etc.

See you about

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