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Reel Repairs


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Hi all,

I recently bought a 2nd hand daiwa exist 2508 that needs some TLC. Can anyone give me any good contacts where I can get it repaired in the Sydney area ?. I'm trying to avoid going to Daiwa in brookvale.

The previous owner have opened the reel up (shown from the marks from the screws) but I don't think he's done a good job at putting it back together.


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wow an exist 2508!! Someone must be making heaps. lol well done mate. They are indeed a great reel. I honestly dun think any of the tournament dealers will be able to help you as i believe they all send the daiwa reels back to get it serviced. Let me know how desperate you are gonna get and if need be I might be able to send it back to SG for you f you really want.



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Hi Darryl,

Hhahah 2nd hand is not that expensive mate.

I rang up Gary and he said only Daiwa will service those reels.. it costs about $20-40 but it will take 2weeks at least !!!

Hey bmar

Mate your looking about 3-4 at the moment!

I had a few in that Patty said were "his" and they still took 3 weeks!

40-60 bux a reel to!


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Dun feel bad if it take 4-6 weeks mate. I send in my certate for a repair and it take a whole 2 months to get it back. The good thing is they only charged me delivery cost. I say send it back to daiwa at least you know you can blame them for a bad job. lol



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I went into daiwa at brookvale in person to get my rod fixed

spoke to the person actually repairing all the stuff, forgot his name but he was great

fixed it in like 2 days i think. If you go in person then i think their more obliged to fix it up quick, unless their waiting for parts from japan or whereever.

Thats like the daiwa head office in australia i think

spoke to the marketing manager darren i think it was.

Jus remembering what a dream job for myself, imagine all the free goodies.

pity none of them are fishos, just the repair dude.

Driving down there was a good excuse to have a plastics session on the lake!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I got the reel back from Daiwa.

Just less than 2 weeks... free of charge. and they even ship it over to my work place.

How good is that... !!!

Thanks for the excellent service Daiwa !! :thumbup::thumbup:

injay the repair dude I was dealing with was Raef Johnson, top customer service, he actually replies to your email.

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